Saturday, 20 August 2005

Sunset and moonrise

So my boss had to go and get himself an ingrown hair at the base of his spine. He had to go off duty to get operated on and I was left with a whole lot more work than I am used to :(. But I couldn't hold it against him, he was clearly in a lot of pain, so I set about doing everything as accurately as I could. With a fire drill (i.e. real fire in the laundry) thrown in, my day was so full, the whole obsession about watching a sunset over the sea was thrown right out of my mind.

By the time I could relax a bit it was already close to 9 p.m. I went up to the heli-deck anyway, just to stretch my legs a bit, and get some fresh air. What greeted me as soon as I opened the hatch was the biggest, brightest moon I have seen in my entire life!
Adding to the effect was the unbroken reflection of moonlight right from the horizon upto the very forefoot of the Trident! I rushed off to get my cam, waking my poor cabin mate (he works the midnight shift, so he wasnt very pleased). But I did get my first very own pictures from onboard this ship :D.
And it doesn't stop there, right on the opposite side, were the last remains of the sunset, the tell-tale crimson in the gathering darkness.

Please trust me, both pictures were taken within 2 minutes of each other! And that is how stark the difference was between the western and the eastern horizon.

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