Thursday, 1 September 2005

On even keel

Blogging has become pretty much a part of my daily routine these days. Every night, once I'm though my shift, I'd religiously log on to my dashboard. And amazingly enough there always seems to be something to write about. So I'm a little surprised today. I seem to have had a very neutral sort of a day. Didn't manage a boat ride, missed the sunset, almost missed lunch 'cos by the time the steward had woken me up it was already midday :(. (The phenomenon of ignoring my phone alarm is not a new one.) But I've logged in, and now that I have a blank screen in front of me my fingers seem to be typing in stuff with no apparent need of my mind...
I finished reading I, Robot last night. I was right, it did not dissappoint. As with every Asimov book I have read before, when my eyes finally rolled of the last word, I felt a sense of equilibium. There was an immense sense of loss. Of an ending. But the beauty of the world described within refused to let me feel entirely sad.
The sun was out today, and the sky was a clear blue and the sea a deeper shade of the same. It reminded of the same time yesterday, without light there's no colour, simply shades of gray.
There are times when small things can get you down, and seemingly minor gestures get you back to normal.
About the sunset. As I said I'd missed it per se. But what I managed to see did have it's own calm elegance.

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