Monday, 3 October 2005

Blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon!

Seems like bad weather has a sure way of following me around. First on the ship, then typhoons hitting Tokyo, then depression over Mumbai and now an even worse depression over all of southern West Bengal with Kolkata smack in the midlle of it!

Been stuck in the house, thankfully my cousin's visiting, so it's not so painful. He managed to finish Max Payne 2 in under twenty-four hours, with me watching out to see where the bullets came from every time he got killed :D. It's good fun actually, and we found some interestig things about the game. For instance, suppose you are stuck on a ledge one floor above the ground, leaping face forwards is a sure way of getting killed, however, if you fall butt-first, not a scratch!!

Also found out that people try extremely vague names for their blogger accounts! I was trying to give my cousin an example, and had to go through usernames arbit, aarbit, aaarbit, till I finally found aaaaarbit available!!


Hemamalini said...

if there is a depression in Norway, I now know whom to blame;)

kray said...

Good thing is it didn't rain for the better part of today, and the Sun was out!!