Sunday, 4 December 2005


There are these times when I just feel like crying out loud. Actually it's more like screaming out loud. I'm alone in a fairly decently soundproof room. I probably won't scare anyone out of their sleep at 3 in the morning. But on second thoughts, I don't. Scream that is. Now I'm hungry. Again.
Was flipping through channels on TV as usual. Saw Mark Ruffalo in some movie I didn't immediately recognise. (Of course, there are lots of movies he's done that I hadn't ever heard of, but I didn't know that till I looked up IMDB.) Anyway, point is, no movie has had me stuck to my seat (or the channel) all through the way this one did. I must have missed just the starting credits. But with no commercial breaks I didn't know the name. Turns out it's called You Can Count on Me. If anyone has seen and liked My Life Without Me, I suggest you look out for this one.

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