Friday, 20 January 2006

Crew change blues

All it's supposed to be, is a bunch of people getting onto the ship, and the ones who've been slogging their asses off for the last six weeks, getting off it and going home. If only things were that simple :-<.

It all started with my logistics coordinator forgetting that I'm supposed to go onboard. By the time he did realise, I was already rather late in applying for my relevant visa (for Myanmar in this case). In between fulfilling requirements for another visa, running around for doctor's appointments, getting X-ray'd, dealing with a jittery visa agent and a seemingly clueless office support system, I was beginning to despair of getting the visa on time. Then of course there was a fair amount of confusion about what that 'on time' time was in the first place.
Eventually I did manage to get both, my visa and my final flight details to Yangon. But this wasn't the end.
Sikorsky S76A++: that's what I'm supposed to trust my life to...
For the first time in my short offshore career I'm to crew change via chopper! That sounds rather exciting doesn't it? It sure did to me!! Till I was informed that due to various constraints (most of which I do not even pretend to understand) I can carry no more that 10 kilos of luggage on board. To make matters worse, there is no allowance for the fact that I have to lug around the company laptop which by itself weighs a hefty 3 kilos :(. So now I'm looking at a rather irritating proposition: live out 6 wks on 7 kgs of clothes etc. The saddest part of the whole deal is that there's absolutely no way I can carry more than one book with me :((. To think I'd gone and bought myself 4 for the trip, and had actually started with 2!! Faced with the dilemma of choosing between The Namesake ( - Jhumpa Lahiri) and The Manticore's Secret ( - Samit Basu), I eventually picked the latter. Life on the ship does get a little depressing at times. I'd rather have a book in the lighter vein... What all important, life-altering, future-defining choices, hair clipper, or a couple of extra tees? Shaving kit, or my pack of CDs? AARGH!! X-(

If all this wasn't enough I found out today, after arguing for a good half hour with some shockingly dumb people at the CCU I-A counter, that my ticket hasn't been paid for yet! So now I'm just praying that I manage to somehow get to Yangon on schedule, and not end up like this...

Listening to: Cake - Comfort eagle


Hemamalini said...

The chopper looks quite cool, kray!I had imagined a red one from the Eastman era;)
p.s:total s.o.s happening with tickets though!!

samudrika said...

What an exciting life you lead! If I had known it was this much fun then I would definitely have paid more attention in my physics class.

wise deicision about the book - jhumpa lahiri always makes me cry.

kray said...

@ hema: yes it does! I was pretty impressed with the google results myself :D.. and my ticket situation's just escalated to mayday!!

@ samudrika: this isn't exactly the excitement I had in mind when I took up the job :|.
btw, I don't think phys has too much to do with my job, most of my colleagues do a double-take when I tell them my major, as did my profs when I told them my job profile :D.