Monday, 9 January 2006

An ordinary end to an ordinary day.

I hate sunsets on land. Okay, that's not true. Let's just say I like them less on land than I did at sea. They are so predictable! Everyday, for the last god knows how many days, the sun been setting at the same angle to my desk, between the same coconut tree and the white building next to it. And it always, always disappears in that bank of smoke that's perpetually lurking over the horizon.

At least on the ship when you go out on deck you have to look around a bit to figure out where the sun is in the first place :D. And there's no irritating smog to pull a haze over the good part, the bit when the bottom dips into the unending sheet of water and appears to melt into a million sparkling puddles of liquid gold.

Me: What's with the 'you' mate?
Me: Huh? What 'you'? What are you talking about?
Me: /:)
Me: Aaah! That 'you'. I dunno, you tell me.
Me: There we go again.
Me: Aww c'mon! What am I supposed to say? "I tell me"?!!
Me: :|
Me: :D
Me: :)
Me: :))
Me: =))
Me: >:)
I know, I'm bored:(.

Current Mood: slightly crazy
Listening to: Alanis Morissette - Hand in my pocket


Akshi said...

Hm. I'd say its more that 'slightly' crazy. :)
I bought Two Lives and its reasonably living upto expectations so far. Have you managed to lay ur hands on the sequel to Simoqin Prophecies yet?

kray said...

No re, but I'm planning to go down to Park Street tomorrow.. so hopefully I'll get it then.

Hemamalini said...

:D hello. hello.1 2 3..sanity check:P

histrionix said...

Speaking of Park Street, I saw 15 Park Avenue yesterday. I shall refrain from any further comments:)

crazylilthing said...

heyy... plz say hello to park street for me too... n sit down on the aile floor n read Calvin n Hobbes n then put it back :D . I wanted to do that wen i went to Barnes n Nobles this weekend but instead landed up sipping hot chocolate at "Starbucks Coffee" pretending to be all suede n all n reading a cook book which i was going to buy anyways!!!