Friday, 6 January 2006

Pure Morning.

It's like one of those days when the very start just makes the day perfect. Shit happens, but you tell yourself, c'mon, give it a break, given that kind of a beginning, you should forgive the rest of the day for any dirt it might shovel onto you.And then there are those days when the end makes up for all the crap you've had to take from the time you woke up. I've had two of these in a row now!! Last night Vinod got a job. Not just that, he made it to my company too! Now if only he makes it to my segment! (Yes, I know, give me an inch and I'll be looking for a yard :P.)

And today I finally managed to see The Terminal, on TV! It's such a nice movie!! I know that doesn't sound like too much of a compliment... Let me try to elaborate (I can almost hear the 'uh-oh's :D). Some things, you can't be too effusive about. 'Cos that just doesn't feel right. But at the same time, it fills you with such a sense of well-being, that for a little bit you become impervious to the honking on the street outside, and the baby screaming from the apartment next door, and the cold air coming through the window you forgot to shut, and the boredom that slowly sinks it's numbing feelers into you mind until it freezes over. Okay, now I'm just getting too dramatic.

Had a fairly busy day actually. What with printing, filling, scanning visa forms and making resumes and fishing out old certificates from whatever deep dark corners I'd hidden them in, I had the great satisfaction of telling everyone bothering to listen: no, I am not sitting at my comp doing time-pass all day, I am working!!! >:)

Right, so now before the aforementioned feeling of well-being deserts me, I shall go sleep early for a change!


udit said...

it's an effing annoying movie! :p
i know, i spent money on it! hard cash! there are others who will attest to this fact as well, and then try to pin the blame on me for taking them for it (i did not btw)

anyway, enough of that, what up kray? must be bloody lukkha now, as usual :p

am at the end of a thoroughly enjoyable holiday in california, sadly back to houston tomorrow and probably back to work on monday. so it goes. as the SoCal kids would say, what-ev. i shall mail.

kray said...

snooty Parekh!! pleasantly surprised I must say :). heard abt u'r CA trip from Renta! do give details!! and yes, me lukhha as usual :P.