Sunday, 15 January 2006

Today's realizations:

  • I hate Indian classical vocal :(. Don't get me wrong! I absolutely love classical instrumental! But vocal, I cannot stand (my third visit to a concert within the week has proved this beyond all reasonable doubt).
  • Despite cribbing endlessly about my jobless state at home, with barely a week to go to crew change, I find that I'd actually hate to leave.
  • I need to shed weight. Pronto! For the first time in my life I couldn't fit into a pair of trousers that weren't too short for me :((.
  • I should never drive a car (in real life that is) right after I've been playing NFS Underground 2 for a good 3 hours at a stretch. It actually says a fair bit about my parents' confidence in my driving that a few truncated exclamations an a few more raised eyebrows were all I had to deal with for the performance I put up :D.
  • In case I get my Myanmar visa within the week, this will be the last Sunday I'm not working my ass off on till March :-<.
  • (edit) And somebody's flicked my Pirates of the Caribbean CDs X-(!!!!
Current Mood: reflective
Listening to: Porcupine Tree - Russia on ice


udit said...

a good vocal performance can be life-changing! i'm completely serious. that apart, went trail biking today, it's hard and scary and like all things which are these two put together, you get a mind-blowing rush by riding trails at dangerous speeds (lesson: don't trail bike after nfs underground) you should try it sometime.

kray said...

I know, but a string of really bad ones kinda puts you off :(.

And WOW!! Take me trail biking (if/) when I go visit you :P.