Sunday, 29 January 2006

Twinkle twinkle

Hundreds, possibly thousands, millions, billions of stars. All clustered in a sky absolutely unblemished by the tiniest of coulds. Inky black speckled with bright diamonds shining far far away! And in between these, the tinier, almost insubstantial ones much farther away than imagination can fathom, filling up the void in a haze of pinpricks of white.
And looking over the railing on the deck there were a few frothing ripples from the ship's bow cutting through the calm water. Spectacular stuff like this make life so totally worth all the rest of the shit.
Current mood: glad
Listening to: Daniel Powter - Bad day


roswitha said...

Wow. Where exactly is your ship sailing?

Catch us getting to see anything like that over Hi-Tec City. *wistful

kray said...

Uh, well, coordinates might be a bit of an overkill :D. Just about 50 kms off the west coast of Myanmar I guess.

The clear sky was actually a bit of a surprise here as well, there's usually always at least a little bit of cloud cover.

samudrika said...

Lucky you! Can you see the milky way too?
I hear that in perfectly clear skies you can see why it gets its name.

crazylilthing said...

sounds romantic .. although sometimes it makes me realise how small I am compared to the rest of the world..