Friday, 24 February 2006

Of flying fish and a bouncing sun.

Yesterday I turned down a small boat trip. Unbelievable isn't it?! I know!! What was I thinking?!! And I was kicking myself immediately after. Especially when I heard that they'd spotted tons of flyingfish on the trip, which had eluded me on my two previous trips. But I saw some today, and didn't even have to step off the ship. The things are really tiny! But they manage to fly (glide) pretty impressive distances nonetheless!
While watching the sunset today this dreamer thought the sun looked like a big orange ball, bouncing off the helideck :D. Amazingly enough, I had to agree!! Yes, the sea isn't as flat, and the ship is pitching a bit these days.

Hmmm. So I've started cribbing about piddly things like small boat trips again. Life's beginning to show some promise. We also got our off-signing flight schedules last night!! And believe me, it is a biiig deal!! Due to unforeseen circumstances I will in fact, not be staying on in Singapore, but head back home directly. I'll be back in Kolkata on the 8th! I recall making a big deal over my second weekend here. And here we are, at the second-last :).

Current mood: *stop whining and get on with it!!*
Listening to: Tori Amos - Barons of suburbia


Hemamalini said...

You had turned down that boat trip?!yes-- i find it VERY hard to believe:)

kray said...

@ hema: Oi! I did too!! Richie said I could go! But I didn't 'cos then he'd pull the same one he'd pulled last time I went out for the Sippican dip!! And not let me go on the next long trip :|.

Sriram P said...

Nice blog and nice photo galleri. I liked some of your photos esp. the one looking down on to the front end of the boat(dunno the tech. term for that). Life is Vessel seems rather attractive from your posts than being holed up in an office, esp. when you can't look into the nothingness and dwell upon the Past memories, Present and look ahead into the future(atleast in your mind). Can't wait for my first vessel trip though it will be very short. But ofcourse life away from land could get frustrating as well when it becomes your everyday job.

kray said...

@ Sriram: hey! still in Oslo? yeah, land and offshore both have their pains. But I definitely prefer vessel :).

Sriram P said...

yes.. very much in Oslo in the middle of a never ending Snowy Winter. It just seems as if there is an invisible big snow machine on top and the moment it finds the land free of snow, it just pours and fills it. But good for Sledging(Quite interesting actually) and Snowboarding(which I plan to do very soon). How about you? Where you headed after this job?

kray said...

@ Sriram: wow! sounds great!! really :D snow's like this distant memory to me now :-<. next assignment's Australia.