Monday, 6 February 2006


There's this nice concept here, the instrument room (where I work most of the time) has these tons of monitors arranged in a rough circle all around, and there's this tiny cut-out of the Trident. So the concept is to have the 'ship' moving around from one monitor to the next with each passing day. Coincidentally, there are exactly 21 monitors, so when the 'ship' completes two trips around the room, we get off!!! :D And today it finished two thirds of the frst circle... two down, four to go.
It's pretty amazing how time's simply flying by this trip. I remember feeling decidedly bored by this time during my first trip, and oh boy, was I depressed when I had to get back to Asker from Kristiansund at the end of my second week in Norway!! But now I barely seem to have the time to spare on boredom :). They say the better your life is, the quicker it seems to pass you by! Actually my dad says that, and I'd rather take his word for it :D.
In case you are wondering, yes I did take these pics while within the ship. It's a pretty amazing view, watching the forefoot of the ship go slicing through the water forty feet below, and feeling like you are hanging in thin air, looking straight down.
A smile might make a lousy umbrella, but it does turn your day around. Put a wee bit of fight, and start smiling, your shitty day will end up looking good eventually :).
Feeling: hopeful
Listening to: Everclear - Wonderful


crazylilthing said...

ohh i wish!! but i guess if the day is tooo bad then the smile just refuses to come :( ... btw the pics r amazing .. the water is sooo clear

kray said...

thanxx :)

and well, you can only try. i agree, sometimes it's just beyond hope. thankfully, it isn't like that too often :).

histrionix said...

yeah about the smile part...i tried to be brave and smile about an hour back and ended up with tears. so i guess the system has a flaw somewhere.