Wednesday, 15 February 2006

White noise.

a.k.a. Completely random thoughts floating on a flat sea
Random, that reminds me of Arthur Dent's daughter from Douglas Adam's H2G2. Almost fell in love with the character, only to have her vaporised by the author's malicious imagination, along with... alright alright, no more spoilers.
At least there were some ripples worth speaking of today. Yesterday the sea was as flat as a mirror. Not even those slight wrinkles you would see on the surface (as in the pic). Even the sea seemed bored :(. Yes, I totally hate a flat sea, no waves, no surf, no rolling, no fun. Of course anyone with the slightest aquaintance of sea-sickness would probably violently disagree. But without sounding rude or anything, I couldn't care less. That didn't sound all that convincing did it /:).
Still on ripples and such other water surface phenomena: I noticed a rather interesting ramification of shallow water currents. A majority of the expanse of water all around seems a little worked up, with small but sharlpy defined waves. But in between, there are these bits where the surface is unnaturally calm. Looks rather like somebody's levelled off the waves with a planer.
There are two certainties in my life currently. One, there will be potatoes for dinner. Two, there will be more potatoes for dinner.
Sudoku is an interesting thing. Lots of people I know have been raving about it for a fair while, but I'd never really tried it out before. But having run out of readily available starting grids, I decided to make myself one. The first time it almost worked out too, (I was like, insaaaaaanely lucky), so I decided it would be nice to figure out how many random numbers you can arbitrarily insert into a blank 9X9 grid to create a solvable puzzle. Obviously, between watching the birds, cables, vessel speed, gun firing, shot records and tape drives, it was a rather lost cause. And my mind kinda boggled when I found out that I was dealing with numbers like 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960.

Right. I should be happy I guess, half the trip is officially over. Finished 3 weeks and a day. In exactly the same time, I will be in Singapore with a 3 day holiday. But I am feeling strangely deflated. Life never seems to work out the way you hoped it would, does it?

Feeling: sad
Listening to: Radiohead - High and dry


Rick T Hunter said...

True man... jaded, somewhat, na?

crazylilthing said...

true ... i feel deflated n sad n depressed too ..

Saikat said...

Never heard the 'deflated' or 'sad' word since i started reading your blog...chill hedu, once in a while life catches up with you, or even threatens to leave you behind...the phase will pass.

kray said...

@ cezanne: hey!! long time no see! don't tell me u r feeling the same way!! jaded that is.

@ crazylilthing: wat happened to u?!!!! I thought u were happy at school :)

@ saikat: it does, doesn't it :-<. and I'm always left a little bewildered when that happens.

Rick T Hunter said...

Long time indeed... :-)

Manic depressive sometimes eh? Don't be jaded or cynical.. a waste of life man... passing phase as someone said..

Since you are on a ship.. I sugget you read some Conrad. Awesome sea faring tales.. and beautiful language...

kray said...

@ cezanne: nono, not manic depressive n all!! and I believe the phase (if it was that) has already passed :D

crazylilthing said...

no no as such i am happy in school ... but just sometimes things get to me :(