Saturday, 25 March 2006

Good bye. . .

Back in Kolkata after a very brief visit to Mumbai. Luckily I managed to meet almost everyone I wanted to! As well as some people I hadn't expected to be there! For once tons of other people owed me treats, rather than the other way around :P. It was good to see my friends relaxed though, everyone having got great jobs and/or scholarships :).

Oh and I also managed to land up in perfect time for this year's PAF by my hostel! Right, so for those who are going 'huh?!!': the Performing Arts Festival is like the biggest inter-hostel event on the calendar in IIT B. Something like a very large-scale dram. A big deal basically :D.

Eating out in HN, Natural's ice-cream, SP biryani, late nights in the SAC, superlong cack-sessions, hanging out all day at the Shack... that was the good life. Incidentally, there's wireless LAN in campus now! And one of my most favourite hang-outs, Sameer Hill has been completely desecrated with a huge housing complex that has caused half the hill side to vanish. Things are changing. I actually didn't want to drive when we went zipping around town on bikes the other night. Worse still, I was actually civil about geezing food! But worst of all was the fact that despite crashing at 4:30 am, I managed to faithfully wake up at 9 in the morning, both days!!! (And the alarm was set for 10.30.) I've been out of hostel too long :(.

Good byes and take cares. I remember someone telling me once that one should always say good-bye. No point in putting that off. Then again, it is a small world, and as always, I live in hope :).

So that was that, except, I was early for my flight. As usual. And then my flight got delayed by another hour.

Feeling: lonely
Listening to: Tori Amos - Jamaica inn


Souvik said...

Guess u need to go back n do a Mtech ... shud get u back into the hostel routine!!! :P

kray said...

@ souvik: :P okay, not THAT enthu to get back also!!

navin harish said...

In Bombay if you notice, you will see a lot of ice-cream vendors on a trolley of four wheels selling ice cream. The name of most of those trolleys start with the word "Mewad". If you are in Bombay, you have to have one of these. The falood and ice cream is delicious.

kray said...

@ navin: alas, my Mumbai days are over, will look out on my next trip tho, whenever that is.