Saturday, 1 April 2006

Manty Rocks!!!!

So it had taken me two months to finish half of The Manticore's Secret. Mainly 'cos of my insane travel plan. But now that I'm effectively stuck at home, finished the rest in this afternoon and evening :). And yes, it was an awesome read! Funny, not too particularly gripping, but interesting nonetheless, and of course the bits of Basu's hilarious cockyness hidden in Bong phrases in English alphabet :D.

An example:
"I know everything.
You're all knowing?
That is another way of putting it, yes. Omniscient is yet another. Or Eitiktikitamohapechoonpaka, which in the forgotten language of [blah] meant Magnificent Saurian Whose Very Foundations Emit Wisdom."
Of course the fact that the omniscient being in question is a lizard, puts things in an entirely different light >:).

Feeling: sleepy, obviously!
Listening to: Rang de Basanti ost - Ik Onkaar

I apologise for the oversight: for non-Bengalis, 'Ei tiktiki ta moha pechoon paka' translates roughly to 'This lizard is such a smartass'! :D


Hemamalini said...

looks like someone is hooked on to rdb's songs..and yes- that kelly c's song is quite addictive:D

kray said...

@ hema: I know, but they are so GOD!!!