Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Whoooshh! II

A lot closer to the water, a lot scarier, 'cos from here the waves look really big! And practically hundreds of flying fish :). Squadrons of gliding fins glittering in the stark lamps. And if you looked closely enough, a shiny fleet slipping sliding just under the skin of water.

The rest of the guys were trying to figure out how to best disentangle a couple of gunstrings (let's not get into what those are, please). I, on the other hand, satisfied that there was no point in further adding to the already monumental tension, chose to enjoy the summersaults, backflips, high jumps and other such acrobatics in miniature that were so conveniently on display barely 3 metres away. Was tempted to jump in and catch one. Very briefly, before I noticed once again that the waves were taller than me standing on my feet, and remembered that the water was a kilometer deep :|.

Looks like this trip's going to be more sailing around than expected. Given the steadily worsening weather we will soon be heading back to shore to pick up supplies, Dampier in north west Australia to be precise. While that means more back deck work, it also means another chance for me to meet some kangaroos!! :D
Listening to Elliot Smith after a very very long time. Such a shame that he died so young. What a waste :(.

Have realised suddenly, and not because I was knocked on the head by one, that I have no respect for doors...

Maybe I should read a bit. The bookmark hasn't moved in a week.

Feeling: lazy :P
Listening to: Elliot Smith - Clementine

The one-day delay in posting's thanks to the vessel net choosing to crash last night :(.


histrionix said...

what book is this that you havent read in a week?

kray said...

@ histrionix: God of Small Things :(. I quite like it! But not time :((.