Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Big surprises, small surprises.

All sorts of stuff has been happening. The vessel net's gone all haywire because the antenna's getting too hot in it's air-conditioned dome /:). The spectre of another long stretch on the back-deck has just been removed, to everyone's immense relief! And I was off again on another small-boat trip today.

The planned activity was something going by the impressive name of the Sippican Probe dip. It's this velocity profiling probe that's sent to the bottom of the ocean and sends back the speed of sound through water at different depths. Why I'm going into so much detail I don't know. But the thing is, the probe's mounted on this cool looking gun-type thingie, so I was kinda expecting something like a harpoon going blasting off, trailing a copper tail or something like that! Instead, they merely tipped the thing over, and continued to look massively bored while the probe sank to 100.. 200... 300.... 400 metres :|. I must have had anti-climax written all over my face, from the looks from the others...And then there was the whale sighting. It wasn't my first this trip, but I must say I was rather surprised with the time it took for me to finally spot this second one! But tracking the successive 'blow's as the rather tiny whale (at least as far as whales go) went scooting all over the place was fun.

I found out today, from another blog, that Pearl Jam have released a new album!!! It has songs with titles like Life wasted, I'm never going back again... Needs to be checked out pronto (i.e. as soon as reasonably practicable :|).

And of course, the thing that has had the instrument room completely stunned for the past 2 days, Richie's got a blog!!! :D I have a sneaky feeling that the clinching factor in overcoming his hithero rather cynical attitude towards blogs, was my last post extolling the achievements of Liverpool, and the possibility of a ready platform for furthering cause of the Liverpool FC :).

Current Mood: still getting over a non-existant weekend :-<
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