Tuesday, 23 May 2006


I wish I was invisible. For no particular reason. No specific motive or preceeding train of thought. If this wish is granted though, I wonder if I'll be able to see myself... I also wish this was actually going somewhere. It isn't.For the last 4 hours I've had this impossibly persistent headache which has suddenly disappeared. And now I'm desperately trying to figure out exactly what I did to make it go away (for future reference :D), but can't :(. Rather annoying, this. Anyway, surprisingly in keeping with my hopes, this stint at the back-deck is over after a mere 3 days \:D/. Even more surprisingly, it now looks like I will actually spend some time at the office in Perth! I have never been this pleased at not being given a visa promptly :P.

Feeling: drained
Listening to: Radiohead - Stop whispering

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