Monday, 11 September 2006

Out of time!!

Is what I almost was today! Twice! As I struggled to get past bungling transfer desk officials, their stupid xerox machines and a zillion queues for secirity checks and what not :(. No, I didn't miss my flights, not the first one, or the subsequent three transfers :. But it was close. Eventually 30+ hours of driving/flying/running has made for a very long day! Yes, it's called time zones.
Still, I aught to be thankful for one rather important thing. Shifting hemispheres means it's now the end of summer, instead of the middle of winter! And although it is actually colder here, the difference isn't significant enough for me to miss my jacket :).
Feeling: murderous, thanks to this stupid Norwegian keyboard X-(
Listening to: Maroon 5 - This love


vishnoi said...

end of summer in norway would be colder than middle of winter in india :P

kray said...

:)) just depends on how close to the end of summer, and how far north in Norway I guess

lakesidey said...

Are you far enough north to catch the (k)rays of the midnight sun? ;)

kray said...

:)) tchk tchk, still on sad kray jokes are we? /:)

and no, not that far north :) this is just halfway between Tronhiem and Bergen/ Stavanger.. if that helps at all :P hows u?