Sunday, 22 October 2006

Arbit blues

I was watching this movie the other day and I loved it! I'll give the name a miss 'cos people who recognize it might start judging me :). But anyway, so I thanked the friend of mine who'd asked me to watch it in the first place. Ended up facing the question, "So who did you think you were in the movie?!!" I thought about it, and came up with probably the answer almost everyone would come up with. "Maybe it will work out like that for you too, you know", (s)he said.

What did I think? Well, what I always think :). Life isn't a movie! But oh God do I wish it were :)). Thing is, and I have actually noticed this, whatever it is that I want and however many possibilities I foresee, it always ends up happening differently from how I saw it run in my head.

Well, almost always I should say! Sometimes, not often (but not never), things run just the way I saw it run the first time: the time when everything was perfect :).(Yea yea, I'm in total pontificative mode today :P.)

Current mood: (there are a few halos doing the rounds :D)
Listening to: Jack Johnson - Sitting, waiting, wishing

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Akshi said...

What movie? What movie? Tell. Tell.