Thursday, 26 October 2006

Cribbing is good for health.

On the back-deck again :). (That's a rueful smile by the way :|). Anyway, the way the weather's shaping up, it's better than working in the boats! Now don't misunderstand me, it's great weather to go out in! One must be prepared to get soaked to the skin (and have a change of clothes handy to avoid getting pneumonia working the remainder of the shift, obviously). But it's still fun. The crazy, surfing in rock infested 10 meter wave spawning beaches kind of fun. Or snowboarding in a blizzard kind of fun I guess. (Definitely the Skippy kind of fun.) But when it comes to working under those conditions, especially with barnacle infested streamers jumping around like runaway fire hoses, I must draw the line. Okay, bad example, but it's downright scary :|.
This I noticed the other day while lazing out on the helideck in the afternoon. If you look straight up so you can't see anything but the clouds in the sky, after a while you'd be tempted to believe that it's the clouds doing the jig, not the ship you're on :D.

I hate weights X-(. The gym kind. Doing supply transfers on a small-boat is no fun. When the chap handing you the small carton is suddenly heaved up on a passing wave so that the load does a good metre or two in the air before it lands on your tired complaining arms, it doesn't help at all when you hear him shout "Heavy!!" way too late :(. It also doesn't help when the next day you see them boxes in the gym with dumb-bells spilling out of them /:). (I was there for strictly row/cycle/run purposes!) I mean, c'mon!! Here we are busting our asses to deliver 'desperately needed' provisions, how would you like it if you found out that someone's afternoon excercise had sneaked in as well :|. And a giantic blue drum. No one seems to know what that's for though.

Currently: indulging in a healthy activity O:-)
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NB: to 'crib' is to complain pointlessly, loudly, continuously... basically annoyingly

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