Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Heavy weather

I'm really surprised how I managed to take a picture like this on a day like today! Really, the nice blue sky and what looks like nice little ripples on the ocean isn't even close to the truth! Which is, that those little ripples are about four metres high. Sitting in the instrument room it doesn't feel like much, but standing out on the bow when you see the waves crash against the ship's side making it shudder, it's pretty cool :D. The water seems seriously close! Of course I knew that there was no way the water could actually splash on your face, so to speak. 40 feet, I told myself, that's a long long way :).

Then later in the day I was up on the bridge chatting with the second mate and I asked him about the weather down in Bass Strait. That's the bit between Australia and Tasmania in the south, and sometime in the not so distant future we're supposed to be heading that way. So he shows me the windscreen wipers on the full-length windows all around the bridge and says, "Those aren't there just for the rain mate!" Waves forty meters high. That's not all, we're just into the cyclone season up here, and if, God forbid, we end up in the middle of one, it'll probably be a lot worse! I just can't wait :D. Only, I wouldn't exactly be my usual enthusiastic self when it comes to small boat operations :P.

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