Thursday, 23 November 2006


Choice of meat (or salad, though how they can sell salad kebabs and get away with it, I don't know), choice of sauce, choice of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, choice of extra cheese, olives, eggs blah blah blah, choice of.... You get the idea. They might as well just let me do it myself! In fact, right across the seating area there's MYO, "make your own, away from home". Trouble is, there the choices are so much more intricate and therefore more intimidating, frustrating and eventually irritating, that I usually just resign myself to an unending series of nods till I manage to lay hand on my lunch /:).

And it's still not over! "Drink?!" (How these people manage the voice with an overdose of enthusiasm coming from a face without the slightest hint of it is quite a mystery to me.) Anyway, you'd think apple juice would be a pretty simple choice? Apparently not. "We're fresh out of apple, something else?" "Apple and black currant....?" (That's what they had the last time they ran out of apple.) "Umm, out of that as well, something else?" X-(((. "That bottle right there." "Excellent, it's apple and cranberries. Enjoy your meal!!"

Currently: tired and bored :-<
Listening to: Joni Mitchell - Refuge of the roads

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Hemamalini said...

Roger on the stuff written in the brackets after 'Drink?':D
and hey, have fun in concert!