Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Commuter me

I'm off again.I know that I love my life largely because of the whole 'travelling around, never at the same place for too long' nature of it. I know it, but there are times when part of me refuses to accept it. Times like the other night when the rain came crashing out of nowhere drumming on the slanting wooden roof. And this morning when the sun came out after more showers and made everything look shiny and happy...

Had the best time in Perth yet. It's amazing what a huge difference there is between one and none :). But tomorrow I'll be back in Bombay!! And not for a two hour and 10 minute flight transfer, for the better part of a week! So it's back to campus for the weekend! Then there's the wedding. The first of my department batchmates getting married! Married!!! Damn! One of those things that remind you that all of a sudden life's passing you by way quicker that you expected. Which does not mean of course that I'm not terribly excited about the wedding!!! :D First one I'll be attending in like six years or something!! (Counting only weddings that were worth getting excited about that is :|.)

And in two weeks and a half, I'll be back on the ship.

Feeling: excited... :|
Listening to: Pearl Jam - Wishlist


Hemamalini said...

two and a half weeks:(

kray said...

yes, but unlike me, you have already been home since the last trip, twice!! :P

Hemamalini said...

I was only feeling sorry for you. Not for me:P