Monday, 13 November 2006

Crew change scare!

I was listed on the first chopper, as usual. The least important people get off the ship quickest ;). The chopper landed, the other swing got off from it, the usual long faces, and all of us with huge big grins :D. They took of their life jackets and handed it to us. But suddenly I realised that I was the only one left without a lifejacket, and there were none left!! :O Someone had become so attached to his/her lifejacket apparently that they'd worn it into accomodations!! The chances of getting a spare were disappearing fast, and eventually there I was, staring through the port hole as the rest of the guys boarded the chopper and happily flew off :((.I did manage to get on to the next one thankfully, but from the next time I will make sure I'm not the last one to grab a life jacket! What made it worse was how close we were to land! In fact there had been some marginal weather conditions all through the night and we were actually considering the possibility of swimming across, it was just 7 kms to shore! :P Anyway, I was very relieved to see the Trident disappearing into the blue eventually :).
And since crew-change was on Saturday I had no office the very next day!! Spent the afternoon appreciating land :P. And the whole of Sunday sleeping :D.

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