Sunday, 31 December 2006

Another one bites the dust.

Another year goes spiraling the drain. More people I've met and then lost touch with. More people I knew have gotten married, moved houses/cities/countries, passed away. Saddam Hussain has finally been executed for things he did a quarter of a century ago. And I am one year older. Feels like a good half dozen :-<. I'm beginning to get a hang of this though. More on that another time.

Was pleasantly surprised this morning to see curry for breakfast :). It was terrible by proper curry standards :P. But still the best thing around! Not that the rest of the food was bad though, it's just that... Well, let's put it this way, no wonder Indian food is popular. It's just better :D. While the Sun rose for the last time this year, it dawned on me that somehow I've ended up spending most of this year in Australia and even managed to get rather attached to it by the end of it. I've been on three continents this year as against two last year and one the year before that :P. (At this rate it'll take me just another 4 years to get done with at least one of my 'things to do before I die'!) Even got the see the Norwegian fjords again, this time not completely shrouded in snow :). It's been a good year. A busy year. I still don't know where my life's headed, but at least I'm not too worried about most of it :).

In the course of a discussion today, I realised that given a time machine, and given the choice, I'd much rather land up in the past rather than the future! Why, I am yet to figure out completely, but I'd rather not be burdened with the knowledge of where I'll end up (much less where humanity will!!). That's like reading the last page of the book before the rest of it, spoils all the fun. Digging up the past, now that's a much better adventure :). I guess I'm one of those people who get caught up things 'n stuff. Interestingly enough, did this vague thing called the train and railroad quiz today on some random site linked on a random blog. Turns out, I'm the London Underground :)). Something to do with the past. Then of course it totally takes off at a tangent, and goes on about difficult experiences and people spending less time with you and what not! I mean c'mon, how many people have had bombs going off in their guts?!! Yet roughly one in 64 people taking the quiz get told this :P.

The only time I have ever been kinda close to a bomb actually going off anywhere also happened to be this year though. And that was very very far from funny.

Ah well, one could end up with a very long post going on in this vein I suppose. So to cut to the chase and the last day of the year, I spent a better part of it religiously downloading the hourly infra-red satellite images that the Australian Governtment's Bureau of Meteorology provide. In this case paying special attention to the remarkable buildup of a possible cyclone to the North West, that will see us bring in this new year by high-tailing it out of the prospect area :).Hope the new year brings many joys to you. Enough at least to outnumber, outshine and outweigh any sorrows. And that you get to look back upon it with more of contentment than regret :). Happy New Year!

Feeling: content enough :)
Listening to: Jon Brion - Strings that tie to you (OST - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)


Anu said...

I really liked this one, a lot :)

Happy New Year in advance, kray... hope this one turns out better than all the ones before.

histrionix said...

Turns out I am the Grand Trunk Express:)

Have a great year and I hope we meet up!

kray said...

@ anu: thank you :)

@ histrionix: I'm hoping for the same acutally :). Grand Trunk Express huh? I wonder what the rest of it said :P.

hema said...

Given two binoculars, one for the past and one for the future, I just, just might be tempted to look in front.
And hey, am not too sure about Antarctica featuring in travel plans:-)Well, you never know.

@anu..*waves* Wishing you a sparkling year ahead:D

kray said...

:D how do u know they won't file for permits there sumtime soon?

Akshi said...

Am a little late in checking in on your posts! Have a wonderful year Kray! :)

Anonymous said...

Just read the post. And happy new year again :)
btw I am the "Peruvian Central Railway"! :)

Anonymous said...

And also, if I were in Tibet, I would be a lama!

kray said...

@ mak & sup: thank you :)

@ sup: wat's this about a lama? are you sure it's not llama btw? :P