Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Pros and cons. . .

... of wearing my cap to the helideck. You don't have the massive overflow of brightness turning you completely blind all the time! But given the 15-20 knot wind, I was really worried about losing it! And it's not like I can just go fetch it afterwards /:).

It's uncanny. I was trying to explain to some friends of mine over the break how I almost never, seem to get enough sleep on the boat. (And not just because I keep having to wake up at the latest possible moment to still be able to get to work on time, well, sort of :P.) It's just that I always have something or other I'd rather be doing than sleep. It's probably a good thing. It would be so sad no, to try and sleep 'cos you have nothing else to do!!! The uncanny bit is that this trip I have been seriously sleep deprived for every single day yet :|.

Feeling: sleeeeeeeepy!!!!!
Listening to: Radiohead - Planet Telex

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dehaaij said...

I know the feeling of trying to sleep cause there's nothing else to do. It's terrible! It was on a support vessel while waiting for the weather to improve for a personnel transfer. That lasted a whole week. Anotehr time was when I was a client rep on a 3rd party vessel manned by a Chinese crew. Believe me, we have it good here. Especially when we are shooting :)