Friday, 26 January 2007

Bang! Bang! Whoooooshhhh..... KA-booooom!

Oh My GOD!!!! Why?!!! Why did it have to be so looong?!!!! I'm talking about Munich. And I am not even going to go into the whole take on the Israel-Palestine/ Jew-Arab thing. Unfortunately, there was definitely some very good acting. Unfortunately, because I ended up feeling sorry for them. On the other hand, the other movie I saw recently, Derailed, I actually liked better! It might have something to do with the fact the I like Clive Owen. And there wasn't the overload of 'based on real events' and the associated 'implications picked up from the real world political scenario' thing. Whatever that meant.

Oh! I also watched The Holiday sometime this week, it was awesome!!!! It was fun, I loved Kate Winslet in it, and Jack Black was brilliant as usual :). Though I did end up wondering in passing, does Surrey snow disappear and reappear that prodigally swiftly?!! I'll have to go there to check it out I guess. Fun movie nevertheless.

Right, so it's Australia Day today, so even though I'm not in India celebrating Republic Day, it's still an extended weekend!! \:D/ And there'll be fireworks over the river tonight! This is when I miss one of those P&S Canon's with their built-in fireworks mode, it takes so many attempts to get it right with mine :-<.

Currently: dying of this opressing heat :(
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Hema said...

Ah.Holiday.. Yes, its good fun:D

histrionix said...

How hot is it there? i just walked to school in like -16 Celsius. Not fun I assure you:)

kray said...

@ histrionix: it's been doing steadily around 40 in the afternoons. and the fact that afternoons last till about 8:30 pm makes it even worse :(