Monday, 29 January 2007

Daydreams on a hopeless Monday morning

Another totally awesome weekend, a long one at that, and now I'm back in office feeling completely wretched :-<. There should be a name for this. Oh well, there is, Monday morning. :| So we landed up at King's Park on Friday around 8-ish. It was still very bright and sunny, so we got us a bit of grass that wasn't already taken with mattresses or folding chairs or tents. (That's right TENTS!! These people seriously need more festivities in their year!) And settled in to wait for it get dark. In the mean time there were the usual planes with their plumes, putting up some seriously cool manoeuvres!Finally around 9 it got dark enough for the fireworks to start! Honestly, it was quite awesome! And yes, as I'd predicted, the 'fireworks' mode was sorely missed, but I didn't let that get in the way of enjoying a perfectly brilliant display :). Reminded me no end of the annual fireworks displays we used to have back home, right down to the usual obstruction of trees :D.
For a while we were a little alarmed actually, there were these scarily huge red glows on top of the buildings they'd used to set of some of the fireworks, looked like the rooftops had gone up in flames or something. Fortunately they hadn't. But later on we did hear that some of the barges on the river used to set off most of the display had indeed gone up in flames!! Haven't been able to confirm that news however.

Saturday was spent in a bit of a haze :P. And sometime during the day the TV decided to conk off with a rather alarming 'phutt' :O. But Sunday turned out really awesomely! We decided to go check out the much acclaimed AQWA. Ever since I'd missed the chance to check out the underwater walkway at Santoso in Singapore I'd been dying to visit one of these things, and AQWA was the perfect answer!For one, it had these massive stingrays and sharks, well, not massive sharks, but a lot larger than any I'd ever seen before! And I was so mesmerised with the blue tinted, almost surreal world that I totally forgot about my own prediction that I'd probably be more engrossed in watching out for cracks on the transparent walls than the fish :). There were also turtles, weird looking fish with grave looking heads, little bright yellow fish that seemed to be completely at odds to the rest of the population. But when there are such striking views of what probably defines fear for a lot of people, the rest kinda pales in comparison!We left the aquarium without managing a peek at the promised octopuses though, but the Leafy Dragon fish was quite interesting! And I ran into some rather old acquaintances, jelly fish from the trip out of Wakkanai on the Toisa Mariner :D. I still hold that they look very similar to bits of rubber debris floating around :P.
From there we headed out to see some of WA's famed golden sunset coast! Scarborough is arguably the best place we could have picked! It helped of course that the sun was playing hide and seek with a rather massive bank of cloud that was rising out of the West. Spent an inordinately huge amount of time perched on top of a couple of rocks watching the sky change colour. And people paddling in canoes. And waves thrashing over the rocks with slowly increasing intensity. Had to drag ourselves away in the end. Sundays aren't the best days when it comes to frequent buses.We cut it really really fine though! Got to the bus stop just as the drops were really getting big! As if on cue, the Sun broke cover, and there it was, a rainbow, the colours deepening slowly till it made an almost complete arch while the breeze blew the rain so it pattered lazily on our feet... This is what perfect days are made of, imperfect rainbows, backlit by a golden Sun, the smell of just-wet grass, and wind-blown rain. Good thing the bus landed up on time though, it was more fun watching the rain turn from light to torrential through the streaming windows :D.
I'm so ticking off the days to April 7th now, desperately, desperately hoping that I'm back in Perth then!

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