Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Here we go again

The big seas and rolling waves are back. And the high windspeeds. And it all happened quite suddenly, over barely a couple of hours, after 3 days of pretty calm (well, relatively speaking) weather. So now it's back to a see-sawing deck and swaying drunkenly down corridors :P.
The weather in the last few days had been so calm in fact, that we were out in the small boat twice in three days! And the last time we went out... well, let's see. We were out for a couple of hours. Within the first ten minutes we were pretty much drenched. Skip maintains that I was the last person dry, but he must have access to a slo-mo replay to have figured that out /:). I did try sidestepping a few of the waves that came crashing into the boat, but I might as well have taken a dip in the ocean and tried to stay dry. It was like someone was emptying a few gallons of water on our heads every few minutes!! It was totally awesome :D. For one I very wisely didn't have my cam or my watch on me :P. And the cool water on the extremely hot day was quite welcome. If only it hadn't been so salty :-<.It was a good trip, the best I've had in months!! It was beginning to get a wee bit boring to be honest, and this was just the perfect thing to put the spark back into small boat trips :).

Feeling: perky!
Listening to: Pearl Jam - In hiding


Anu said...

Sounds like fun fun! :) Side-stepping waves, eh? Heh...
Oh, and the two pics in this post are downright stunning... the clarity on both are insane!

Anu said...

Hmm... grammar issue: The clarity on both IS insane.

:D I'm like that... pliss to be forgiving!

kray said...

oops! now I've gotto watch what I write! :P

Anu said...

Heh, nope, don't worry. I only tend to notice grammatical mistake that "I" make!