Friday, 5 January 2007

Such is life.

It was just one of those days :D. Barely an hour into the shift, the night cook lands up with these extremely iffy looking things, attempts at recreating Scotland's most famous snack: deep fried Marsbars! Believe it or not, it's true!!! Such things as 'deep fried' chocolate do exist!!! No wonder they drink so much, the food's fer shite man! (This wasn't exactly bad, but c'mon!!) Then Skip lands up in the recording room claiming that he's just witnessed a sight I've been waiting for ever since I first heard of it, waves so high, they actually crashed over the helideck!! I made for the bridge immediately.

I have never actually been to the bridge at night. As in deep in the night, with the moon is high in the sky, casting an eerie light on the world that should be asleep, but seems restless, tossing and turning. White tips frothing above the tall waves bathed in the shimmering light. Innumerable columns of some solemn army headed for a grim destination. The howling of wind, rendered distant by the surrounding glass, was still strong enough to leave me deeply impressed.
I've managed to get pretty much my entire shift interested in Google Earth again :D. I've done it before, but that was a year and a half back, and I'm now on the other shift ;). So Jon comes up with an idea this morning, he challenges me to find a ship, not any ship, he further qualifies, a U S Navy aircraft carrier, in proper high-res on GE. I didn't think too much of it then, but the idea kinda grew on me >:).
By the end of shift, I'd found not one, or two, but eleven!! :D Eight of the twelve in active duty currently, and three that have been decommissioned. \:D/ The one shown above is the USS John F Kennedy, CV-67. The other vessels I managed to locate included the USS Enterprise, CV-65, the USS Nimitz, CV-68, the first two nuclear powered aircraft carriers in the world, the USS Abraham Lincoln, CV-72, the newest one I could find, the USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63, the oldest, commissioned way back in '61 and the USS Ranger, CV-61, now decommissioned.

Feeling: lazy :P
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Hashish said...

Lovely pictures! Where can I find the pictures of these battleships?

kray said...

:D locate them on Google Earth. or, I could email them to you :)