Thursday, 22 February 2007

Anger management

I'm not the short tempered kind of person. Well, most of the time. But it's a very good thing I'm leaving tomorrow. One more drive through the city, one more retarded cab driver forcing his way in front of me with millimetres to spare, one more harebrained rickshaw driver cutting insanely through the traffic oblivious to the fact that there are in fact other vehicles who are using the road as well... or any of the many many insanities that Kolkata traffic throws your way every other microsecond, and I would have seriously lost it! (And I'm not even counting the potholes.) In my defence, a whopping 500+ kms of in-city driving in under 2 weeks is just too much! It strips you of sanity, tiny scratch by tiny scratch, till eventually your temper's like this sore fuming red swollen mass waiting for the least bit of provocation to just explode!! And of course when you're chauffeuring your mum and grandpa, giving vent to the constant stream of choice and colourful and sometimes rather ingenious expletives that suggest themselves to you is hardly an option :-<.

Right, now that that's out of the system :). I have yet another one-stop flight down to Perth. In fact till a couple of days back, I had two! (One-stop flights down to Perth, that is.) But the better option eventually got cancelled 'cos one of the flights refused to let me in from the wait list. So now I'm looking at a seven hour stopover in Bangkok, and memories of my fateful Dubai stopover are painfully resurfacing :(. Good thing is, I will get to spend a full day at Perth and then crew-change out of Geraldton harbour, instead of the usual chopper rides. Yep, those I've managed to get over. At least to the extent that I appreciate the occasional departure from the routine. And as far as I know, we'll be landing up for a nice long cruise down to the Bass Strait (at least about a week \:D/).

Also, I'm finally leaving behind my L1. The only time I've ever been on a flight before without it was the first time I flew, to KL in June '05 :).

Feeling: tired :-<
Listening to: Vertical Horizon - Finding me


Anu said...

Fully sympathise with the not-being-able-to-use-expletives situation. Tried muttering under your breath? That's what I do at work sometimes! :D :D :D
Yayyy for the 'cruise' to Bass Strait!

kray said...

:P mum was sitting up front, so no.