Sunday, 4 March 2007

Chocolate heart-shaped bubbles melting in the rain

We're finally in the waters of the infamous Bass Strait. Infamous for its notoriously fickle weather, but for us it seemed, there was an especially warm welcome. Nice calm seas, and merely a mild breeze blowing. I took the rare opportunity to stretch my legs on the helideck, without fear of being blown overboard :P. A flicker from the horizon caught my eye. It was still a while before sunrise, and in the almost dark, I could see islands, blacker than the surrounding black. And then I saw it again! It was the regular sweep of a lighthouse beam :).As a matter of fact there were three I could see, but I managed only a rather poor click of one of the others, as they were farther away. Managed to keep myself entertained with many many attempts to capture the momentary flashes, and every time I managed to time it right, I did a little jig :D. I was in no mood to concede any credit to the clockwork regularity of the light itself :P. Till eventually the eastern edges of the dark clouds turned a dark crimson, rather like a large, irregular cotton ball, when it soaks up blood. Only darker.And then it started raining. A kind of heavy drizzle that didn't send up the same kind of splashing sound you hear when it rains on a swimming pool. But by now I was much higher up, on the newly added catwalks around the sides of the bridge (when you stand on these there's pretty much just thin air between you and the water below, except of course the fibreglass grating, and it's a long way down :D). But it was enough to send the thinnest of rainbows arcing through the sky :).I didn't wait to see if it got any better. The drops were getting bigger.

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Anu said...

This time I gotta ask.. where did the blog title come from? :)
Bloody cottonball, eh? Interesting... :D
More like a cottonball soaked in tincture iodine!

selwyn said...

I guess you were too far away to see the eclipse of the moon? Saw a little before it was swallowed by the clouds the morning. Brick red orb in the sky. Kinda stupid isn't it, me in india and you in Australia.

kray said...

@ anu: please trust me, by now, I have NO clue :|

@ selwyn: hey!!!! long time!! been busy as hell on the back-deck. and no, I dont think the eclipse showed up in these parts :(.