Friday, 2 March 2007

In between dreams

I've taken to heading up to the bridge every day now at dawn, and with fairly brilliant results! Even managed to convince Jon to go up with me today, but he didn't stay outside for too long. Said something about getting blown away :D.
Finished with The Curious Incident... a couple of days back. Must say it turned out to be quite different from what the pastel shades and fluffy clouds on the cover might suggest. Well, maybe not, what with the dog, and the pitchfork in it's stomach. An excellent and compelling read nonetheless! I'm not so sure if the Captain would find it the same though :|. Ah well, he's the one who asked for it. (Intrigued by the cover, no less.) I just hope he doesn't find it too distressing, what with the ultimate authority over my life while at sea resting with him and all :-S.I've also recently started experimenting with colour accents on my 850. With, umm... interesting (?) results.

Feeling: the effects of the pause before the plunge :-<
Listening to: Radiohead - Bones


Sriram P said...

it doesnt seem very different from the normal picture.. infact i cant see the effects of Color accents at all..

Anu said...

I formally, and in writing, stake my claim to The Curious Incident... once the captain's done reading it.
There! Now it's set in stone! :D

kray said...

@ sriram: hey! umm, not the picture of the sunset thru the bridge windows... the colour accent stuff's on my photoblog.. I'd put in a link. and if that's what u'r talking abt, umm, well, nevermind.

@ anu: looks like Jon might get it first :P

Sriram P said...

i was mistaken.. i saw the pics later on ur photoblog.. yeah they r ok.. have u tried color swap? doesnt come out so well though ...