Friday, 30 March 2007


By water :|. So the weather finally picked up yesterday, and by afternoon it was blowing quite a gale. Went out for a look just before I turned in, and was greeted by the roar of waves thrashing on the bow. A nice comfortable pitching, that could make you feel like you're in a smallboat instead of a ship, at times the ship dipping so low at the head that you could almost touch the water... which is all very good. Then, as I'm heading up to the opening (marked 1 in the pic :D) right at the bow to get a better look, a sudden dip, a mad crash and a huge jet of sea water bursts into the deck!! Misses me by a foot, maybe :D. Now I'm really excited, I figure, even if there's water coming into the deck, as long as I stay away from the front of the opening I'll be high n dry, right? Er, wrong!! While I'm happily dodging the volleys coming from straight ahead, I fail to notice the pitching getting even more pronounced. Suddenly, with nothing by way of prior warning, (except like, insane weather for the better part of the day :|) in comes another jet, but this time through the bit marked 2, and right onto me!! It had been a while since I'd been out in the boat, but I was very quickly reminded exactly how cold the water was in these parts.

And then of course when I did finally get to bed there was the incessant creaking and the pitching that kept getting worse and worse till I was actually asleep. It's probably a good thing I'm the kind who sleeps through mild earthquakes :D.

And tomorrow night, if all goes as planned, I shall be in Sydney!!!!!!

Feeling: perky :D
Listening to: Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boi


Anu said...

Eyyyup, tomorrow night, Sydney!
And... 6 days, 10 hours to go :D

histrionix said...

Holi Hai!!!

kray said...

@ anu: 5hrs less now :D

@ histrionix: umm, shouldn't that be.. holi tha? like a month back? :-/

kray said...

@ hstrnx: umm, nevermind.. :P gray matter wasn't quite firing on all cylinders. too cold in here :D

histrionix said...

:D :D How cold is it?

kray said...

:) was. I dunno... but sometimes it felt like sub zero!! :D bloody new aircon