Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Too much of a "good" thing

So much for wishes coming true :-<. I remember hoping for some rough weather not so long back. Well, since then even the tiny little waves have disappeared. If one believes in the concept of the calm before the storm, we are in for a really really big one! (If and) when this horrendous stretch of calm does eventually let up that is :|.
Oh and yesterday I got the absolutely perfect example of strange things happening to the ocean surface! (Ok, so this doesn't exactly qualify as an ocean, but it serves the purpose.) In the midst of the, well, horrendous calm, as I put it, I notice this patch.Looks very much like rain falling on water. And I find myself reminded of one of those cartoons where you have a tiny dark cloud (with red eyes and furrowed angry eyebrows n stuff) whizz into the frame, dump a huge amount of rain onto some poor chap and then whizz off again.

Current Mood: blah, very blah
Listening to: Radiohead - Sulk

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