Sunday, 15 April 2007

Lemon drops

The once familiar pattering of raindrops. On leaves, on the umbrella half hidden under the lemon tree, on the zig-zagging red brick courtyard.
It's a strange hung-up sort of feeling. Like there are things you want to remember, but at the same time, don't. It's a drizzling, grey, clouded over Sunday afternoon. That's why. (Yes, yes, blame it on the weather :D.)

Waiting for the Bahrain GP to start! Hope Ferrari wins, (or even better, Ferraris win). Will make for nice podium pics, especially given that I have my personal correspondent waiting eagerly at the sidelines this time :).

PS. Subho Nabobarsho to all you Bongs :).

Feeling: blue
Listening to: Gorillaz - El Manana


Anu said...

Bet that lemon feels thoroughly smug about being the most photographed one in all of Perth :D
Gorgeous drops :)

kray said...

:D well, you're the primary culprit there

Saikat said...

have you been posted in Australia for good? its been so long reading about perth and sydney and melbourne!

kray said...

:) not quite, but boat's hanging around here for a while.. and so am I