Thursday, 3 May 2007

Floating strands

I hate it when it happens. But it seems almost inevitable. Fumbles and bungles and situations like a double edged sword. Do what you might, you'll always cut yourself :-<.

Finally got it, Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven :). I've been thinking of buying it since November, when I noticed it first, I really don't know what's been stopping me. Just bought it at one of those bright stores at Suvarnabhumi. I'd asked them for it last week and they said they were out of stock but it would be available in a week. I don't really think the chap actually expected me to turn up in a week though :).

Am speeding through another book right now though. Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals. It's brilliant! It's funny, it's interesting....

And my second flight of the day's just started boarding, so I better be off!!

Currently: rushing off!!
Listening to: Vertical Horizon - Finding you


histrionix said...

yay! you're reading Gerry Durrell too! Bravo. I also recommend Fillets of Plaice.

Anu said...

Gerald Durrell for President! Wheee! :D

histrionix said...

@anu : i'd vote for him, but last I heard, he's moved beyond the pearly gates:(

Anu said...

@histrionix: Sighh.. yeah, so it always is :( I'd give an arm and a leg (um.. only in theory :D) to have people like Durrell and Adams rule the world!