Thursday, 16 August 2007

Gameweek 2

It does seem like there hasn't been much happening in my life lately doesn't it? Which is kind of true too... Let's see, since the last weekend I've gone driving in the boat a bit. Which was good. On one of those occasions, the maneuvering was so taxing that by the end of it my left arm was semi-numb with pain elbow up. Which wasn't so good. Though it did generate that purely physical (and a tad masochistic) sense of achievement... Then I got stuck on an MOB crew almost by mistake. No, not on standby, an actual drill! And once we were in the water, that's when I realized that I was the one supposed to be doing the driving!!! Not what one might ordinarily categorize as good, but was undoubtedly awesome fun :D. Then for the last couple of days there's been crane training. I'm supposed to get certified as a driver. I think I did too... though not entirely sure if the instructor's last nod was a 'yeah you've passed' or a 'yep, there's no way in hell I'll certify you' :|. But it was pretty interesting. Given that I've never gone anywhere near the crane driving stations ever before. The whole thing moves! As in you, your controls, the little landing thingie you're standing on, it's all actually turning with the boom of the crane :D. And it's high up, so it's nice and windy. The people down below look appropriately tiny, and you feel correspondingly high and mighty... The speed of the movements however, was decidedly short of even my modest expectations.

Right, so getting back to the point, EPL!! Fantasy football! (Yay.)Another bunch of games done with, and this time, I did better! Actually I got less points than last time, just 38, but the average was barely 25 \:D/. I suppose the red card awarded to C Ronaldo (I still refuse to call him just Ronaldo :|) had a fair bit to do with that. And I had Forssell on the bench, again. And he got five points, again :|. But, what has me really excited is that Tevez played!!! I didn't have him, but so what?! And, Berbatov very obligingly developed a groin injury, so I've promptly dumped him and picked Tevez :D. Perfect eh?! I know, I'll never make it too far in the league, these Argentinians will be the end of me. Let's see how long I resist the temptation of getting Mascherano and Heinze:|.

Currently: fourteenth! (again joint :|)
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roswitha said...

OMG if I could build a team around Masche & Tevez I would.

No Gunners on principle, I assume. :)

kray said...

well... hehe, I was trying to pass it off as prudence 'cos Arsenal wasn't playing wk 2.. maybe Fabregas at some point.. maaaybe. if I run out of the Gerrards and Lampards and Artetas... Everton's kicking some major ass this time though, have you noticed?

roswitha said...

I have noticed! It's a blue season so far, and it doesn't even bother me that the Arse drew their second game because United AND Liverpool are both below them in the rankings. My heart overflows with joy.

kray said...

oh come ON!!! Arsenal are above Liverpool only 'cos the name starts with an 'a' :P! there's absolutely nothing between them at the moment!