Monday, 24 September 2007

Back already!

Yeah, shortest break I've had yet :-<. Barely felt like I was off the boat at all!! A fact that I was repeatedly and forcefully reminded of by both crews over crew change /:). But what was worse, it felt like I had barely been off the backdeck :((. Thankfully that was just one day, and now we're settling down for a hopefully uneventful trip (fingers tightly crossed :|).

Was quite an eventful weekend all in all. Firstly, night before I left home I was informed that yet another course of mine in Norway has now been cancelled. Yeah, and yet another one I had in the upcoming break has been provisionally moved. If that too gets cancelled, my super efficient packing will be rendered completely pointless, among other things. But I've decided to let go of such little things as disastrous side effects on my plans on break and meeting friends and the minor degree of control I had over my life, and just go with the flow.

There were no surprises on the flights, no delays. Watched the new Fantastic 4 movie, and found it quite entertaining. And watched Ocean's 13 (or parts thereof) on all three flights :P. The only book I have with me this time is my newly acquired personal copy of The Silmarillion, so I'm not going through it too quickly, gotto make it last more than a month at least :D.
In the meantime, I did spectacularly well in Fantasy Football! 65 points this week!! More than double what I got last week :D. Had been somewhat forced into buying Le Arse's Cesc Fabregas, and he promptly handed me 32 points :|. But more importantly, ending a long long wait, Tevez finally scored!!! So I'm now back into single digits, and although a certain disqualification related incident had something to do with that, I'm quite happy with the end result :D. Unfortunately, I'm now almost 50 points behind the league leader :-<.

It does get easier with time, the whole settling into the void thing.

Feeling: resigned
Listening to: Jack Johnson - Better together

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