Sunday, 9 September 2007

Drops from afar

Why did I not notice that I'd been sitting in the room with possibly the best view on the whole floor in the office this time till the very last day? But anyway, I did notice, and started feeling all sad that I'd never get it back. (It happens to be my boss's room, but he wasn't around... so.)

It was one of those mad weather days. Bright hot sunshine one minute, the entire sky completely overcast with dark clouds the next, and of course sheets of rain pelting down on the roads, sidewalks, rooftops, cars... you get the idea. Quite lovely actually. Got caught in the rain on the way back, obviously, but managed to be exactly in the right place and the right time to catch a little fading rainbow that must have lasted less than a minute in all :D.Okay, hey, it looked prettier at the time :P.

Then it was the usual, packing up, leaving. The rain was pretty much torrential when I boarded the flight from Perth, but it stopped while we took off :-<. It does look pretty cool with all the water streaming across the windows more or less horizontally. But we got a nice look at Perth instead. The guy next to me sitting by the window went totally nuts with his cam. I looked on smugly, I already have those angles, yeah, even from the sky :|.

Watched a couple of movies on that one, In the Land of Women, and Spiderman 3. The first one, I was quite delighted with, haven't seen Meg Ryan in a new (well, anything this century) movie for a long time. It was all happily vague and all. The next one? Oh dear. I'm not a big fan of Tobey McG. Scratch that, I'm not any kind of a fan of the guy. And even my meagre expectations were thoroughly butchered! I mean come on! Watched Pirates 3 on the next flight, just to get the yucky feeling out of my system :|.

Everything was going pretty much according to plan till I boarded the second flight, in Singapore. We were informed that there would be a slight delay due to a 'minor technical glitch'. Which then transformed by stages into a 'more significant technical issue', 'a major technical problem' and finally a 'problem with one of the engines'!!! I'm just glad they figured it out before the thing took off /:).

So we were herded off the plane and asked to head for another aircraft, one that was parked as far as physically possible from this one, I swear! And when we made it, a nice little food distribution set up greeted us, paper plates, paper cups, plastic forks, and a choice of noodles or rice. Kept reminding me of a refugee camp for some reason. In the middle of Changi airport.

But that's where the surprises stopped, thankfully. Stuck with insufficient change at 2 in the morning, I managed to satisfy the cab driver in Kolkata with a combination of Indian Rupees, Singapore Dollars and a few shiny Aussie coins. The last were more like a gift for his kid or something, 'cos he kept complaining he wouldn't be able to convert coins. But he took them anyway...

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histrionix said...

Did you read Lakesidey's post of Spiderman 3?

Anu said...

Can't believe you managed to satisfy the Kolkata cabbie with Sing and Aussie dollars! Heh... :)
Hmm.. when were you in Changi?? Coz I was there Sunday morning, 7:30 a.m. Singapore time! Augh!!

kray said...

@ histrionix: =))) yes, had forgotten about it tho :P 'welcome to the dhak side' indeed :)) have u seen the movie yet? I just realised, it's been around a while already!

@ anu: no re, I got there 1730 l/t. might have been there the same time as my dad tho... I'll find out tonight.

histrionix said...

No...such pleasures/horrors are currently denied me. I have no time:)

kray said...

@ h: horrors in this case, without a doubt, trust me :D