Thursday, 18 October 2007


A mere relativity of evils I suppose. But when you tug on one of those cords that you presumed held you on to something, you find it slack. In a little while, having pulled in some length of it, trying to camouflage a growing restlessness in part with a short temper, you see what seems like the frayed end in the distance. Should you stop? Blame the mist and a lousy week or ten.. fifteen.... fifty days? Or do you grow the balls to face your greatest fears?

In a couple of days things have gotten a little better. (You'd obviously chickened out.) But then you're just waiting for it start again... Where does it end? A change that could do you some good? Or a long holiday? I'd settle for less.

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Listening to: The Prodigy - Minefields

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