Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Picking up the pieces, again

Contrary to the previous post, a lot has happened over this weekend, and especially stuff that I would in fact want to write about! But. (There's always the but at the worst time, no?) My laptop's gone for a spin again. Almost exactly a year since the last major cock-up. This time though, it merely refuses to let me do anything with the net. X-((((((( Thankfully, that has done nothing to stop me from getting to my music... the small mercies. At least until they come along and haul it away to try and fix it again that is :|.
So anyway, crew-change! And yes, it was a very satisfying feeling to be getting off with the rest of the bunch :D. But not without a little bit of drama. The last day on the trip we had to spend sort of on the back deck, since we had to break off from the prospect and sail closer to land to get within chopper range. But when I went up to the helideck for the customary sunrise viewing, I was in for a major shock! The ship was pitching hard and the swell was bad enough for anyone to tell you there was no way in hell any chopper could land!!! So the last few hours we spent intensely worrying, till eventually the first chopper was due in a few minutes and some of us made our way up to the MOB standby station. Nothing unusual about that, only this time, we actually made sure everything was in proper order for a launch, just in case :|.

The first chopper appeared in due time, preceded by the roar of its twin turbo engines. I knew there was something funny when it hit the deck a lot quicker than I've ever seen before. Soon the deck was clear for the second one to land, we saw it make its turn, but then it just kept flying around in circles around the ship! The pilot was too afraid to land!!! And this was barely the second chopper! I was way down the list on the fourth!! Major panic!! Thankfully, after about a couple of circles the chap figured he could land :D. The next landing went without incident, only, there was still no one to relieve us so we could go get ready to leave :(! When I did get away, there was still a good half hour to the scheduled arrival of my helo, but I'd barely packed up my stuff and was just about to hit the shower when the PA blared out that our chopper was just about to land :|. And NO it didn't take me half an hour to pack!!! Oh well, good thing I'd packed before the intended shower eh?
We were all happily back in Perth when some very weird weather greeted us. I'd heard that the temperatures around midweek had been up in the 30s! Well, it was getting pretty close to summer anyway. But it was practically freezing when we got off the flight!! 14 degrees and raining /:).

The rest of the weekend...

Well, suddenly it was Monday morning, and it was arguably the worst case of M-m blues since like 1st grade in school :-<. (That was when I had the worst class teacher of my entire life :|.) And it was still cold enough for thick jackets. Decided to alleviate the walk to work by entertaining myself with the brand new GPS receiver we got over crew change! Only made me regret the lack of trekking opportunities in the last two and a half years. And then I got to the office, and discovered my latest device malfunction :|.
Oh well, at least I did quite fantastically in this weeks EPL games. And the best part was Tevez scoring twice! And of course, I had him as captain, so double points :D :D. I finally broke through 500 points and now I'm back up to 12th place, joint :P. Let's see how long I have to survive on friends' laptops. At least there are the friends this time :).

rather pained
Listening to: Ellen Allien & Apparat - Jet (oh yeah, landed a massive cache of cool music! including Radiohead's latest :D)

Update: It's fixed!!!! It's fixed!!!! \:D/.. Well, just the laptop.


histrionix said...

If only we had had that GPS on the enduro trek, maybe I wouldn't have given you such a hard time :P

kray said...

:P we weren't allowed any of that stuff remember!!! and even then this wouldn't really have helped... it's not like a car GPS n shit, just helps u track stuff, and make sure u can retrace ur steps :D oh and yes, points north :P

and it sure as hell wouldn't have kept the rain and mud away no :D