Sunday, 20 January 2008


I was supposed to leave home on Friday. But on Wednesday I was informed of a two day delay in said departure. I wasn't complaining, I'd just finished the mandatory tour, and finally had some time to myself. Spent most of that time sorting through old stuff... pictures, movies, music. I'd managed to get myself one of those massive 500 GB external HDD thingies while in Mumbai, and I proceeded to (yet again) back up everything I hold dear :P. And while at it, also managed to finally fill in the photographs for the road-trip posts.

This feels like a break in more ways than one. Several changes are afoot, significant and otherwise. Which is a good thing. And while some of those changes might see off a few plans I had for the near future, more avenues might open up instead. The usual man proposes God disposes sort of stuff basically...

Oh well, headed off to the boat again later this evening. It's been so long since I've had even the slightest contact with work that I'm actually a teeny bit worried that I might have forgotten everything :P. This time they've steered clear of sparring with lady luck, and gone for a port call instead of screwing around with choppers and ferries and what not. Unfortunately, that did not prevent spectacular f***-ups with flights. It's been a while since I've been put in a spot, but it's a good thing I always check in time anyway.

With a close to midnight flight out of Kolkata I decided to check my itinerary one last time this morning, just to be sure. Two of my three flights somehow showed up as cancelled :O!! Part of me was a little relieved since this provided the possibility of avoiding what had promised to be a gruelling 15 hour stop-over in Bangkok :|. A few frantic phone calls later, I now have an earlier flight out. And a close to 10 hour stopover in New Delhi :(. But there is some good news, for the first time ever, WG's flying me business class :D. That too on the longest leg of the trip :D. (Yes, yes, I'm really clutching at straws here :-<.)

Ah yes, one of these days, I'll get to sorting through stuff again and do some justice to the photoblog too.... hopefully. There's a pretty big bunch waiting to be uploaded. But for now we'll see you on the other side. The Trident's back-deck beckons :|.

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