Thursday, 13 March 2008

Oh well

I'm getting a bit tired of this now. Of plans falling apart. There goes Kashmir. :-< It's quite amusing (well not really) how things you start off hating at one time seem so hard to let go of later. Just 'cos in the meantime you've gotten used to the place, the pace, the (sometimes entirely misplaced) sense of belonging, or merely the idea.
When the night takes a deep breath
And the daylight has no air
If I crawl, if I come crawling home
Will you be there?

In a little while
I won't be blown by every breeze
Friday night running to Sunday on my knees...
Current Mood: blah
Listening to: U2 - In a little while

1 comment:

Anu said...

Aw! :(
(Read this after I sent you the email...)