Thursday, 19 June 2008

Blurring faces

I know what I said :|. I said omniscience is over rated. Even the retrospective wisdom kind. There are times, it would seem, when that is not entirely true.It's a shame the mind isn't as perfect a filing cabinet as it's made out to be. Well, maybe it is, just not too user friendly. Ever notice how the very thing you try to recollect appears to escape you entirely? See!! Anyway, my specific grouse is with the little bits of wisdom, sometimes acquired through rather bitter experience, that choose to make themselves unavailable specifically when required /:). And once you've made an ass of yourself, again, then you remember :|. Does this happen to other people? Or is it just me? :(

Given time, most things make themselves more incomprehensible. Unless of course you can actually keep a close eye. Failing that, sooner or later the open book closes. Signs are less forthcoming. Even when they are, they are more difficult to read. Till eventually it's all completely indecipherable. It's recognising the signs of an imminent alienation that's saddening.

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