Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Of settling dust and unsettled minds

There's really no reason why I didn't put this in three days back. I have just been a little preoccupied I guess? Adjustments need to be made. Thought needs to be given to things that bear giving some thought to. And of course, my favourite, the need to indulge in laziness while I still can :).

I officially envy people crew changing from Europe. It would appear that there are very specific routes that pretty much everyone flies. So for only the second time in close to 3 years I actually had company all the way from the first airport to the boat! As a result I actually had a good time on the stop overs, and did hardly as much reading as I might have done otherwise :).

Ironically, this was the best set of flights I'd ever had, two stop overs, each less than 2 hours, and despite that, we had time to spare in each place! Unthinkable in most S-E-Asian airports, I can tell you from bitter personal experience :|. Plus, on my first time through Istanbul, the flight took an apparently unusual route to the landing strip (I was told by those more regular on the route). And despite not being in a window seat, I got a fairly spectacular view of the Bosphorus and of the city straddling two continents! Unfortunately, I hadn't kept the cam with me, being in an aisle seat, so no pics :(.

Since arriving at Perth however, it was a bit more of a downhill slide. Of course the dinner on the pavement and the live music in 'The Moon" were quite awesome. (I guess I'll not go into too much detail about the guy we found repeatedly screaming 'I'm on the f***ing Moon' into his cell phone, only to realise that he wasn't on crack or anything, but was merely trying to provide his location to a mate.) Trouble was, I managed to somehow not sleep at all before a 4 am start. I suppose it was just waiting to happen after 2 nights of practically no sleep, I notched up my worst late appearance on shift to date on Sunday morning :|.

Sleep or no sleep, it didn't take long to figure out that there were a lot more new faces and a lot fewer familiar faces. Again. But hey, at least I've managed a single cabin somehow :D.

It would appear the more you try and simplify something, the more complicated it gets. And what's even worse, what seemed quite uncomplicated from a distance begins to feel not quite as simple up close :|. Options are good I suppose. It's just that these are only beginnings, where they end is absolutely any body's guess :-<.

Ah yes, I've just committed to another planned trip, Euro-rail this time. Not to get too carried away, it's just Italy. And of course, there's that enforced week in Paris for the course. It would seem, I've got a rather interesting break coming up. Too bad it's still three and a half weeks away...

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