Sunday, 13 July 2008

Lights, and highlights

So the training thing finally ended yesterday. I'm still in Paris though. Only just. We leave early tomorrow morning. After the initial rush that translated to exploring the city till late every night finally wore off by midweek, I chose to keep a low profile and enjoy a couple of quiet evenings here in La Defense.Before that I'd managed to get a good look at the Arc de Triomphe, walked down the Champs Elysee, spent the better part of one evening walking by the banks of the Seine. That last bit ended at the base of the Eiffel Tower.To be quite honest, it is every bit as impressive as it's made out to be :). We actually had dinner close by, waiting for it to get dark so we could see the tower light up. I loved the fact that unlike every photograph I've ever seen, the lights were blue, not yellow/white :D. And as the perfect icing, the tower started sparkling on the hour while we were still around!! Unfortunately, the hour was 11 pm. With an 8am start the next morning :|.
Incidentally, this is the first course I've been to in about 2 years, and it was quite a refreshing experience. But by Saturday afternoon it was really beginning to drag on. It did eventually come to an end, as we all knew it would, but there'd been times when that had seemed hard to believe :|. We made good use of Saturday night :D. Managed to have a go at Pont Neuf and the Notre Dame. The cathedral was quite mesmerising as the lights came on. Unfortunately, John and I managed to lose each other in the crowd :|. With no phones, this is something that has to be avoided in Italy, methinks...After a pretty slow start we finally decided to head back to Notre Dame this morning. Sunday service was in progress as we made our way in. Again, I was impressed. Unfortunately, that didn't leave us any time to actually try and make our way through the immensity of the Louvre. But with another trip to France looming ahead, I'm not too worried.
Tomorrow it is off to Milan. And hopefully, the bookings we made still exist... The website I made them on seems to have disappeared :|. But, it's a Roman holiday :D, I've resolved to try and not allow myself to get too worried about things :).

Currently: looking forward to this week :)
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Prachee said...

when's the next trip??

Saikat said...

aah...looks like you are back to what you do best... writing travelogues :)
Nice to hear you upbeat once again.

kray said...

@ prachee: heh, see I was gonna talk to you about that. will, now that I'm back...

@ saikat: you noticed :P. more coming up from my Italy trip... soon, hopefully

Anonymous said... the Eiffel Tower photo :)