Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Why.. so.. serious?

:D Could not resist :P. Of course it is rather annoying to realise now that almost every other status message for the last week, on pretty much everything that allows you to have status messages, was a quote :|.

So I finally went and watched the movie everyone's talking about. Or well, most of it anyway. Will have to go see it again at some point I suppose. The really ironic part is, despite having made plans of watching The Dark Knight with about 3 other people, I still ended up watching it alone eventually. And missed the first 15 minutes or so in the bargain :|.

At least the movie was good :). Unfortunately, I got the feeling these people cut out loads of bits :(. You know, when the scenes sort of cut from one to another with little jerks. And you know this isn't dodgy editing on the original! No movie makes this much money in 10 days with that bad editing :|. So yeah, will have to see it again, somewhere else.

On other fronts, I got to Asker quite alright. Didn't even have to run around too much for the apartment keys this time! Just wait around for a half hour in the mid afternoon heat and make a dozen or so calls :-<. Oh and it's seriously insane weather here! Hot as hell! (Okay, not really, in absolute terms, but this is Norway!!! 30 degrees is HOT!) The really good thing is there are two more people from the boat here at the moment. And I also ran into someone I hadn't met in over two years!It's not often that you run into people and find them quite so unchanged :). Especially despite not keeping in touch, and working the way we do, and dealing with the way our worlds tend to change at an even faster pace compared to the more firm kind.... I was very pleasantly surprised :).

Moving onto a completely unrelated subject, I've just realised there are some features of my IXUS (that P&S cam of mine I've been using for almost a year and a half now?) that I didn't even know about! So that's immediately stalled any plans I had of getting a new one. At least for a little while longer.

And this space is now 3 :). Yes, we are all getting old...

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PS. I really need to get that new Coldplay album now :|.

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