Saturday, 30 August 2008


Ahem, ahem. So now I've gone and made more plans, for the next break. Road-tripping from Berlin to Munich through Prague and Salzburg :D!! And yes, this actually is a road trip, booked the car yesterday :D. (Umm, I better finish up with the Italy story before there's another one waiting in line huh?)
Anyway, other than that, things have gotten really really slow these days. Don't get me wrong, the days are slipping by really fast! I didn't even realise it's been a full week since the last post. It's just that nothing seems to be happening :|. Even the weather's turned too rough for boating :-<.

It's quite annoying how they leave you hanging at the end of every season of Scrubs :|. Raced to the end of season 6, and I don't think season 7's even out on DVD yet!! Frick! :|

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