Friday, 1 August 2008

Yeah, whatever

When I thought this break would be interesting, I didn't really think it would be quite this hectic :-<. I was supposed to spend a rather relaxed couple of weeks here in Asker before getting back to the boat. Unfortunately, there's been a change of plans.

The coxswain (boat driver) course I've been looking to attend for about a year now? Well I was signed up for one next break, way off in October, but guess what? They've somehow managed to shoehorn me into a much earlier one, the one next week! Now ordinarily that would be fantastic news! But then again, had things indeed gone ordinarily, I'd probably not be writing this :|.

Attending the course means I'll not be able to get back to Perth in time for regular crew change. Something I have never missed in 3 years, and now I will, with full official authorisation :|. I'm still wondering exactly what precipitated such extreme measures. The really unfortunate part of the whole deal is that I might have to endure up to a week on a chase boat with rather pathetic living conditions in order to eventually get back on the Trident :(.

And by the time I do get back on board, I would have flown on every single weekend this break :(. I mean, okay, at this point I've spent five consecutive weeks in five different countries. When you say it like that, it probably sounds cool, but come on! Surely even for seismic, this is just a little bit too much :-<.

On the upside, it's a boat course!! And I'll be running into more people I used to work with a while back. And it's going to be better weather than October :). (I hope. It suddenly started raining here midweek :|.)

I just wish I wasn't feeling this tired at the end of my break :(.

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